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The Importance of Correct Medical Coding

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Often, a coder faces difficulty in completing the coding process because of a lack of documentation. Explain the importance of documentation in relation to MS-DRGs for reimbursement of services. and address the following:

â?¢What happens if information is missing?
â?¢What will be the outcome if information is wrong?
â?¢Discuss how the quality of health care can be affected by wrong or missing information.
â?¢Give an example of how missing information could affect a patient's care.

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* Incorrect and /or missing coding information may lead to denials of insurance claims. Medical office personnel may receive a report stating that the claim does not have enough information to be processed by the carrier. The insurance carrier would indicate in the report what exactly is missing. If the medical office does not receive the information by the deadline of the insurance company the claim may not be able to be processed in a timely manner.

*Correct coding is the key to a provider being properly reimbursed. Heavy ...

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This solution explains the importance of correct medical coding in relation to MSDRGs.

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