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Proper coding of medical information

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While working as a coding specialist at the local hospital, you overhear another coding specialist say that she often skips a step or two when locating and recording diagnostic codes. She feels that as long as she gets close to the correct code, it will not create any problems.

â?¢Do you agree with the specialist's approach? Why or why not?
â?¢What kinds of problems could this create if everyone used this approach to coding?
â?¢What action should be taken after hearing this?
Part 2: You have also heard another coding specialist complaining about using proper procedures in maintaining the health records. You want to help her understand the importance of medical records. Explain how you would do this, and identify at least 4 purposes that the health record serves. Include an example for each purpose, and make these examples apply directly to the health care setting.

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Proper coding of medical information is advised. Case analysis is also performed here.

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â?¢Do you agree with the specialist's approach? Why or why not?

I do not agree with the specialist's approach as the coding she is performing is not valid. She could either be under coding or over coding which would result in over or under payment. This could result in fines or other sanctions brought against the coder and/or the ...

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