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    Process Mapping

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    Research a process mapping on the web and develop 2 process maps
    1- Map the process as it could occur before (1 page)
    2- and after automation (1 page)
    That describes a clinical or administrative process that could be found in a healthcare organization.
    Research could be either on:
    • Documentation: Paper medical record to the electronic medical record (EMR)
    • Coding: Manual coding of medical record for billing to computerized assisted coding (CAC)

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    *Please review the attached example template for creating a process mapping document.

    1- Map the process as it could occur before

    The primary objective in process mapping is to identify every needed process/tasks to successfully complete the job function. In doing so, the final output is completed on the basis of the prior process tasks within procedural methods to account for the delivery. In the medical field, the initial phase is a patient intake process that can entails many different required documents for completion. The patient and the front-office register works together to making sure every document is completed and proof of certain items (identification; driver license, social security card, insurance card, references, and prior medical records). Thus, the aim in the final write up on the mapping initiative for processes should reflect the beginning phase to when the patient arrives at the medical facility and the staff personnel involvement as well to complete each phase.

    Keep in mind, the mapping process entails core tasks needed for moving forward to the next step, for instance, the ...

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    The review into process mapping for creating a flow of procedures within the healthcare facility.