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Analyzing an AHIMA Code of Ethic

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Review the AHIMA Code of Ethics. Choose one (1) and discuss how it is relevant to Health Information Management. What are the benefits, if any? Optional: Would your choice be directed towards coding or clinical documentation?

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AHIMA Code of Ethic:

III. Preserve, protect, and secure personal health information in any form or medium and hold in the highest regards health information and other information of a confidential nature obtained in an official capacity, taking into account the applicable statutes and regulations.

How it is relevant to Health Information Management?

The primary safety concern throughout the evolution of health information management is protecting an individual's health information at all levels. These levels include a consumer's family doctor up to blood tests and hospital stays. Thus, no matter the severity, the depth and nature of a patient's health visits and concerns, all data and information concerning those should be protected at all costs. Further, as the field of health information management has grown so has technology alongside of it, meaning that what was ...

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This solution evaluates a chosen AHIMA Code of Ethic and determines how it is relevant to health information management and discusses if it is applicable to coding or clinical documentation.