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    Medical and Scientific ethics

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    Write your opinions on this statement: "The dictates of medical and scientific ethics are sometimes at odds in clinical research; as for example in the administration of placebos to patients in control groups."

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    The medical and scientific ethics are bounded by codes that "assure the reliability of research results and the safety of research subjects" (Carpi & Egger, 2009). The fact that the medical field is one of many scientific fields allows having a general code of ethics to run research plus specific codes design to protect human and animal participation in research. This means that the medical and scientific ethics will overlap on ethical principles making it difficult to be at odds. Problems can arise when scientist places personal drives or financial incentives before the ethical codes and produce false results that can misguide not only the scientific community but the public in general. This is usually prevented because the procedures, analysis, interpretation and use of human and ...

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    The solution consist of an essay that addresses the possible conflicts that can arise between clinical and scientific ethics during clinical research using as an example the administration of placebo to patients in a control group. Resources are included.