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    an overview of the respiratory system

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    Working in the health care industry, a medical professional must be familiar with the different systems in the body. The respiratory system is one such system that you may encounter when working as a medical billing and coding specialist.

    Write an overview of the respiratory system. What is one other body system to which that respiratory system relates?

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    The respiratory system is the major gas exchange system of the body. The cells of the body need oxygen to operate and produce carbon dioxide and other waste gases that are transferred through the blood. The blood passes through tiny capillaries in the lungs where gases can be exchanged with alveioli. The major parts of the respiratory system include the lungs and the airways. Air is taken in thorugh the mouth and nose before going to the trachea, into bronchi and bronchioles. At the very end of the bronchioles lies millions of alveoli-tiny ...

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