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    Respiratory Diseases

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    I have to cover this topic: Select one specific disease associated with this organ system and explain how it affects the system and human health which is Respiratory.

    Usung this important human organ systems: Respiratory

    The human body is composed of a number of organ systems that work together to perform all the necessary functions of the body. Each organ system is comprised of a number of component organs that work together to accomplish certain tasks.

    Imagine that you have been asked to provide an explanation about the structure and function of this system to a specific segment of the general public, perhaps a group of senior citizens, pregnant women, or student athletes, who want to learn more about normal functions of the human body as well as health concerns.

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    Start with researching a respiratory disease, here are two links to help you find out about several types:



    After you have picked your disease, read through it thoroughly and figure out who your main audience would be so that you can focus on the particulars that affect them. I have provided an outline with pertinent questions that you should answer, if they apply to your disease. This should help you understand how to lay out your paper.

    I. ...

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    This provides a detailed outline on how to write an essay on respiratory diseases and provides links with sources on various respiratory diseases.