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Primary Buffering Systems and Metabolic Acidosis-Alkalosis

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1) Describe the three primary buffering systems.

2) Compare the compensatory mechanism employed in metabolic acidosis and alkalosis.

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The solution involves the description of the primary buffering systems- chemical acid-base, respiratory center and renal system- and of the compensatory mechanism employed in metabolic acidosis and alkalosis.

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The three primary buffering systems.

Changes in blood (plasma) pH reflect changes that occur in the pH of all the compartments (intra and extracellular) in the body (Bookallil, n.d.). The blood pH must be maintained around 7.4 to avoid serious consequences (Bookallil, n.d.; Khalid, n.d.). Any severe variation that moves the pH under 6.8 or above 7.8 can cause death (Khalid, n.d.). For this reason, there are buffers in the body that prevents changes or reestablish the balance of the hydrogen ion concentration in the body fluids.

1. The chemical acid base buffer system of the body fluids is the fastest to control excessive changes of hydrogen ion concentration (Khalid, n.d.). The system works mostly at intracellular levels by removing H+ ions as soon as they are produced (Bookallil, n.d.).

2. The respiratory center controls the pH changes by maintaining the PaCO2 level (Bookalil, n.d.; Khalid, n.d.). Changes in the pH, ...

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