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    patient bill of rights

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    Help is need in answering the following questions below pertaining to the senerio.

    1. how the patient Bill of Rights applies to this case.
    2. three ethical considerations
    3. three legal considerations.
    4. three business considerations.
    5. what should the manager should do in this situation and why.

    You are the manager of the Cancer Center in a small suburban hospital. For the past two weeks you have worked closely with your nursing staff because they have been expressing â??Burn Outâ? (frustration, dissatisfaction, or lack of interest in a job) as a result of the increase in the number of patients coming to the center who were diagnosed with terminal cancer. Nancy Nurse confided in you that she is particularly saddened about the rapid decline in Mrs. Jonesâ?? health, a 30 year old single mother. She decided that the next time Mrs. Jones comes in for her treatment, she is going to give her an extra dose of a narcotic that could potential end her life.

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    1. The patient Bill of Rights provides that Mrs. Jones should be informed of any possible treatments or their side effects. By giving Mrs. Jones the extra dose of pain medication, Nancy Nurse is ignoring her right to make a decision about whether she will received extra pain medication and the knowledge that it might end her life.

    2. The three ethical considerations are:

    Nancy nurse is deciding when Mrs. Jones life should end. While acting out of compassion, Mrs. Jones may not want to take that step. She is not letting Mr.s Jones exercise free will.

    Nancy Nurse is making the decision to give extra pain medication ...

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