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    Stem Cells: Ethical Dilemmas

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    What are the ethical dilemmas posed by how work re-configures an 'unwanted' pregnancy into 'the right tool for the job' in stem cell research?

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    With regard to scientific study and work in stem cell research, the issues in western society stem from spiritual, religious and for-profit challenges. Work in this area is now going on in other regions of the world. The science of stem cell study is in the culture of communism and in the 'underground,' where ethics are on a different level than that of conservative and traditional societies.

    Prisoners are forced to give up pregnancies and other dark dramas go on elsewhere. If it becomes big business, saving people with tissues from the unborn, then what would stop the money-hungry unethical company or practice from harvesting tissue? Who decides what is worthy of keeping? These are ...

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    Unwanted pregnancy and stem cell research are discussed.