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    Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Academic Articles

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    Find current articles (in JAMA, BMJ, Journal of Medicine, etc.) dealing with the advantages and disadvantages of embryonic stem cell research.

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    1. Go to www.pubmed.gov

    2. Enter the following phrase in the search box: embryonic stem cell research, ethics

    3. Click on "Review" under "Filter your results" at the top of the right column on the page. You will see 296 articles related to your topic. Search for the most relevant by glancing at the titles or reading the abstract.

    You can also try variations of the search phrase like:
    - embryonic stem cell research, ethics, JAMA
    - embryonic stem cell research, ethics, BMJ

    A word document is attached listing the most interesting articles I found in the above search. The first 10 are from 2009 or later. The last 4 are older but directly relevant to your topic.

    1: Denoon A. Brüstle v. Greenpeace: implications for stem cell research. Regen Med. 2011 ...

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    This solution provides a list of research articles related to stem cell research and includes an explanation of how to access the articles and where to find more articles of a similar nature.