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Examine laws of embryonic stem cell research.

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Examine laws of embryonic stem cell research.

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There are several areas to stem cell research, due to the aspects involved. In Indiana specifically, they permit fetal stem cell research on the placenta, cord blood, amniotic fluid, and fetal tissue. Indiana prohibits research on aborted living or non-living embryo and fetuses. Indiana also requires consent (as do most states) for fetal stem cell research, they prohibit research on cloned embryos, and Indiana also prohibits the sale of a human ovum, a zygote, an embryo, or a fetus. The embryonic stem cell research laws are mainly by state, although there are broad federal laws covering such research. Also, Indiana legislators created an adult stem cell research center at Indiana University, that is said to be one of the leading centers across the country for stem cell research. The state of ...

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This solution examines laws of embryonic stem cell research.