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stem cell research and political views of President Obama

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Stem Cell Research
Write two paragraphs or less which describe your current position on stem cell research. In your paper discuss why you hold that view. Describe the circumstances, if any, under which you might reconsider your position.
Conduct your own search on President Obama's views of stem cell research.
Write a one-page paper, which evaluates President Obama's position on stem cell research as set forth in your research. In your paper, describe what concerns the President is attempting to address on both sides of this issue. Discuss how well you believe the President's position addresses those concerns

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Stem cell research and political views of President Obama are examined.

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You can talk about stem cells in a number of ways.
1. adult stem cells
2. induced embryonic stem cells
3. embryonic stem cells.

Points one and two are not very controversial. Adult stem cells are cells that have the ability to become a limited number of other types of cells. Examples of these are bone marrow stem cells and stem cells of the skin. In bone marrow stems cells will become red blood cells, or immune cells. Induced embryonic stem cells involved taking cells of skin or hair and forcing these cells to become embryonic stem cells. They are not controversial because you don't have to destroy an embryo. Additionally, scientists ...

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