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    Managerial Decision Making

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    Assume that you are part of a mediation team that has been brought in to help overcome an impasse between negotiators who are deliberating the use of embryonic stem cells for a research project. The decision makers are polarized along ethical and religious lines. Since this is a potentially emotional issue, what would you do in order to break this impasse? How could the fixed pie concept come into play in this situation? 200-300 words APA

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    //Before taking the discussion of the ethical and religious lines of the decision, of the use of the 'Embryonic Stem Cells, for research; I want to elaborate on the meaning of the embryonic stem cells. Thus, I start with their definition under the head as below: //


    They are self-replicating cells that are obtained from the human embryos or human fetal tissue and they are known for their development into the cells and tissues of the three basic germ layers (Definition of Human embryonic stem cell, 2000). There are several ethical and emotional factors that should be considered, while making the use of these cells. The Scientists hope to attain the relief of the human suffering in the case of the embryonic stem cell research. Thus, it is not unethical; however, the means ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 511 words with references.