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Healthcare: Power, Loyalty, and Relationships

1. What power do you have in your agency to affect change? Does your power come from your position as a stakeholder or your expertise?
2. Do you think that loyalty is a virtue? Does loyalty have positive and negative aspects?
3. Describe what you think is the ideal relationship between physicians and nurses. Is the nurse who models ethical decision making more or less likely to have a good relationship with the medical staff?

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Design a program in C language to evaluate the integral
∫_0^∞▒〖x/(e^x-1) dx〗,
discussing the limits on numerical accuracy imposed by the representation of real numbers in a computer and specifying the required precision of the final numerical result.

Method to use: Trapezoidal rule.
Assuming: Uniform grid

The most common methods of numerical integrations may be discussed in your class, and there is some info to be found on the web, e.g.

In the case of an infinite interval of integration, a ...

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The power, loyalty and relationships are examined in healthcare. The ideal relationship between physicians and nurses are determined.