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Adverse health care events and legal and ethical violations

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1. Identify and describe an adverse event involving a current health care issue.
2. The current health care issue should involve ethical and legal violations at a specific health care organization.

3. The adverse event examined should meet the following criteria:

a specific incident that was reported in reliable, mainstream news media

occurred within the last 10 years

occurred at a health care delivery organization, such as a hospital or clinic

involves clear violation of at least one ethical principle

involves probable violation of at least one identified law (even if lawsuits have not been filed or concluded)

4. Clearly identify and describe the incident and the organization. Discuss and analyze the following:

What ethical issues are involved? Identify and discuss specific ethical principles.

What legal issues are involved? Identify and discuss specific laws applicable to this organization.

How did this organization's structure, governance, culture, and focus (or lack of focus) on social responsibility affect or influence the occurrence of this adverse event?

What changes are needed in the structure, governance, culture, or focus on social responsibility to prevent this situation in the future?

What resources should be allocated to prevent this situation in the future?

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"Shay, are you coming to get me tomorrow?" (Ryan & Rodriguez, 2008). Those are the last words that Cheryl Galladaro remembers her father asking. That was the day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. T.J, Cheryl's father was a resident at St. Rita's Nursing home in St. Bernard Parish, a suburb of New Orleans. He was among the 35 patients who were left to die. Cheryl was reassured by a nurse that Friday that he was where he needed to be; due to his existing health care needs and that the nursing home did have an evacuation plan in place (Ryan & Rodriguez, 2008).
So what happened? Parish officials offered buses to transport patients at St. Rita's out of harm's way. The owners declined. (Fratengelo, 2006). "NBC News obtained a copy of St. Rita's state-approved evacuation plan that vows "... to safely transport all residents to a place of safety." But the state doesn't require homes to make clear when those plans should be activated" (Frantengelo, 2006, p. 2). Some claim that Sam and Mabel Mangano, the owners of St. Rita's Nursing home abandoned their residents, leaving some tied to their beds or restrained in their wheelchairs (Reynolds, 2005). Tammy Dagle, a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) employed by St. Rita's has a very different story (Jacobsen, 2005). According to this employee, there had never been any form of emergency drills and certainly no evacuation plan in place when she chose to leave with her family before the storm hit the shoreline. "A category five headed straight ...

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Adverse healthcare events and legal and ethical violations are provided.

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