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    Role of the Institutional Review Board

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    Discuss the role of institutional review board in research.

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    The institutional review board (IRB) has a fundamental role and responsibility protecting human participant's rights in research. The Declaration of Helsinki (1964) established the role of the institutional review board and complemented the Nuremberg Code of 1947 had no legal enforcement, and applied only to non-therapeutic clinical research focusing on the individual responsibility of the scientist (Kim, 2012). The Declaration of Helsinki, in its newest revision, included detailed guidelines for research in human subjects describing the elements to include in any protocol research, the role of a review board, and the instrument of informed consent including the protection of privacy and confidentiality regarding the information collected from the subject (World Medical Association [WAMA], 2012).

    Each institution that promotes research must have an internal review committee. In general, the reviews committees are ruled by the ethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and take into consideration "the laws and regulations of the country or ...

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