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Ethics in Healthcare Administration

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As a healthcare administrator, are there times when you would recommend covering up a medical error if there was no harm to the patient?

This is a debate topic. I will be debating the CON's of this topic. Please provide 4 reasons against this topic. Please provide 3 or 4 references for your response.

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There are several reasons why covering a medical error is not a good idea.

1. If a mistake was made in patient care, the patient deserves to know what happened so they can decide what further action they would like to take. While the mistake may seem minimal to a health care professional, it could be serious to a patient. That patient has a right to know everything that happens in regard to their care even if the issue will not affect their care.

2. If the patient learns that a mistake was made and hidden from them, the patient will lose trust in that health care provider and/or organization. Many people believe in the idea that if a person lies about something small (in this ...

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The CON side of covering up a medical error that poses no harm to a patient is discussed in the solution.