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    Legalized Euthanasia in the United States

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    Creative policies to legalize euthanasia:

    Assignment is to identify a public health issue (I have chosen end of life decisions) and create and discuss three proposed policies on this topic.

    I would like to focus on Dr. Kavorkian's actions and Physician Assisted Suicide also referred to as comfort medication. It is my understanding that too much morphine will ultimately cause death. Why is it okay for physicians within a hospital setting to prescribe medication that ultimately cause death, yet when the same action is performed by Dr. Kavorkian, it is considered a crime?

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    With regards to your specific question, the primary argument is that the intention of giving such a medication is different. It sounds like your argument for the hypocrisy of this is that morphine can cause death and thus, administration of it is not conducive to a doctor's role of promoting life. However, no doctor prescribes morphine at dosages that cause death and certainly don't do so ...

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    This solution discusses legalizing euthanasia in the United States.