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    Health Care & Good Samaritan Laws

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    What is the understanding of Good Samaritan laws?

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    Most states have enacted Good Samaritan laws. These laws give legal protection to people who provide emergency care to ill or injured persons. When citizens respond to an emergency and act as a reasonable and prudent person would under the same conditions, Good Samaritan immunity generally prevails. This legal immunity protects you, as a rescuer, from being sued and found financially responsible for the victim's injury. For example, a reasonable and prudent person would:

    Move a victim only if the victim's life was endangered.

    Ask a conscious victim for permission before giving care.

    Check the victim for life-threatening emergencies before providing further care.

    Summon professional help to the scene by calling the local emergency number or the operator.

    Continue to provide care ...

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    A thorough explanation of Good Samaritan Laws is provided. Also included is a "snippet" of information regarding the "actual" laws for the State of Wisconsin.