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    good samaritan law, respondeat superior, standard of care...

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    Please help define the following legal terms with examples or situations where the term applies. Give brief explanations for each.

    good samaritan law
    respondeat superior
    standard of care
    statute of limitations
    risk managment

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    Good Samaritan Law:
    A law where (depending on the state) people are essentially required to help someone they see who is sick or injured if they can if that person needs help. The helper will not be held responsible for helping out if the person acquires an injury because of it (the helping) as long as the helper helped in the best way they were able to. An example would be being at a car accident and getting the injured person out of ...

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    The following posting helps with a problem regarding business law. This solution helps define the following legal terms, and gives examples or situations where the term applies. Concepts discussed include:
    good Samaritan law, respondent superior, standard of care, statute of limitations and risk management. Brief explanations are given for each.