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Reflection on questions for Health, Policy, Law and Ethics

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There has been greater emphasis on writing based upon evidence from the literature using proper APA format. The goal of this strategy is help teach students how to speak and write in such a way as to increase their professional credibility. Reflect thoughtfully and deliberately on the learning of both the content listed below. Please answer the following questions and provide references that are not web sites. Thank you.

1. Why we use APA format?
2. The importance of using APA format.
3. Why do we use strategies and goals to speak and write in a way to increase professional credibility?
4. Analyze the provisions of the ACHE Code of Ethics in relation to own professional practice setting and the professional discipline of management.
5. Compare and contrast prevailing theories of moral development and ethical leadership.
6. Describe the process of making thoughtful decisions.
7. Describe the role of emotions in ethical decisions.
8. Describe critical thinking, collaboration, and respect for diverse opinions.
9. Analyze the relationship among the concepts of expertise, ethics, and professional status.

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1. One of the primary reasons that we utilize the APA format in the healthcare field as well as in other fields is due to the fact that this format allows us to present the essential facts or information, and eliminating unneeded and unnecessary information from the report etc. Another reason that we utilize the APA format is due to the fact that this format provides us with a new methodology by which to accurately describe events and/or individuals, in a manner that will be easily discernible to the readers of our writing. The APA format also allows others to be able to quickly analyze or scan information in order to be able to ascertain the important or key points in an expeditious manner.

2. Utilizing APA format is very important, due to the fact that it helps to validate you as an educated and thoughtful communicator to potential employers and other individuals. Utilizing APA format is also very important due to the fact that this format allows for there to be a great deal of uniformity in the manner in which reports and other important literature are presented within the scientific world, as well as within other areas of academia. The APA format allows there to be concise and focused writing that ensures that the key points are the most emphasized aspects of the writing, which helps to hold the interest of the readers, as well as ensure that they get the information that they were seeking to obtain when they started reading the information or report.

3. We utilize strategies and goals to speak and write in a ...

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Fictitious organization that exemplifies business ethics.

- Create a fictitious organization that exemplifies business ethics.
- Write a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper in which you explain the organization's ethics programs and overall ethical environment. Address the following in your examination:

o Describe current moral and ethical issues faced by the organization.
o Explain how the fictitious company deals with the relationship between ethics, morality, and social issues in the legal environment.
o Evaluate the organization's ethics program based on the code of ethics, training, monitoring, and enforcement.
o Consider the following questions:

- Code of Ethics
o Does a formal code of ethics exist?
o What topics are included in the code of ethics?
o How is the code distributed and used?
o Is the code reinforced in reward and decision-making systems?

- Training
o Is ethics emphasized to recruits and new employees?
o How are employees and managers oriented to an organization's values?
o Are managers trained in ethical decision-making?
o What ethics training exists for employees?

- Monitoring
o How are ethics and integrity measured throughout the organization?
o Are whistle-blowers encouraged? If so, how?
o Does a language exist that allows employees and managers to openly discuss ethical situations?
o What ethical considerations are incorporated into planning and policy-making at the organization?

- Enforcement
o How do managers enforce ethics?
o How are ethics enforced by the organization? How is unethical behavior dealt with?

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