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    Health Research Methodology Solution

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    Select a minimum of three types of health research methodology. Describe how each collects and evaluates research data and provide an example of how this type of research was used.

    Explain what researchers conducting studies with human subjects must do to protect their participants and why.

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    Please find below a point form solution to guide you in addressing the questions raised on health reasearch methodology.
    The guide covers health research methodologies, how data is collected and evaluated as well as examples to illustrate each of these methodologies.

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    Health Research Methodology Solution


    Methodology is the collection or study of methods (practices, procedures, and rules) used by those who work in a discipline or engage in an inquiry, as in the methodology of measuring, assessing, and improving performance. (WHO 2001)
    1. Select a minimum of three types of health research methodology
    1.1 Case Control Studies
    1.1.1 This is a methodology that is designed to establish the causes of diseases by investigating the causal relationship between exposure to a risk factor and the occurrence of disease

    1.2 How data collected
    1.2.1 Data on the exposure to the risk is obtained by taking a history and/or from records
    1.2.2 Data may also be collected through interviews, questionnaires and/or examination of records
    1.2.3 Sometimes clinical(example physical examinations) and laboratory examinations are carried out(example drawing blood)

    1.3 How data evaluated
    1.3.1 Data evaluation includes an analysis to determine the proportion of those exposed to the risk that developed disease against control (those not exposed to the risk.
    1.3.2 The evaluation also determines the frequency of the ...

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    Various Health Research Methodologies exist and this guide solution has selected three for use to address the questions raised on description, data collection and evaluation, examples for illustration as well as human subject protection inclduing the reasons why.

    References have been cited in the guide for the sudent's further reserach.