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    Importance of Literary Agents in the Publishing Business

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    Authors and creative writers have a lot on their plate in terms of honing their talents and skills towards producing quality work. However, these ingredients in and of themselves don't get books/manuscripts on store shelves. One must necessarily delve into the complicated world of publishing - form relationships and arrangements with various parties, to get their manuscript the attention and focus it needs. The kind of micromanagement is often best left to someone who is better-suited to handling such tasks while leaving writers to do what they do best without the distractions.

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    When it comes to creative writing, if one has the creative talent to generate good concepts/ideas and the general professional skillset to produce said content in a with a decent written polish, then much else is left to a game of chance involving opportunity and access to the prime movers of the industry. This is also one of the reasons why many otherwise talented writers end up never really breaking into the field and why it isn't just highly competitive, but virtually a perpetual game of chance with very few potential winners out of an allotment of skilled and talented individuals. There is also the issue that creative writing, or even professional writing as a whole, remains a field distinct from marketing and material promotion. Talented literary artists can be withdrawn and reserved when it comes to promoting ...

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    It is helpful to look past the awkwardly opportunistic perceptions of agents (literary and otherwise) in the media an entertainment industries, and consider the important role they serve in connecting artists/writers to publishers in a way that results in meaningful endeavours and enterprise for all sides concerned.