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Was Amazon wise to get into publishing in addition to its very strong position in retailing new and used books?

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Amazon was wise to get involved in publishing. It allows the company further its presence in the book world, and enables the company to be seen as the "go-to" site for all things related to books. Brad Stone's book, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon states that Jeff Bezos feels about books the way Steve Jobs feels about music. Just as Apple has ...

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This solution discusses why Amazon was wise to get into publishing in addition to its very strong position in retailing new and used books. It includes APA formatted references.

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The Battle Between Amazon and Barnes & Noble

I need help with the following question after reviewing the followings articles related to recent developments in book retailing.

Trachtenberg, J. A. (2014, Feb 27). Corporate news: Barnes & noble posts profit as digital device sales tumble. Wall Street Journal.
Gelles, D. (2014, Feb 22). Barnes & noble receives conditional offer. New York Times.
Krug, N. (2012, Oct 31). Amazon books getting no shelf space. The Washington Post.
Herther, N. K. (2012). THE E BOOK WARS amazon versus the rest. Searcher, 20(4), 20-23,26-30.
Turner, K. (2012, Feb 05). Independent retailers turn page on business. McClatchy - Tribune Business News.

Develop a report in terms of the following guidelines based on the articles listed above and other supplemental articles. A well-written report should have a brief introduction, headings or subheadings, and a brief concluding comment. Note that you should use some keywords as headings or subheadings such as "Facts Recap," instead of a sentence or a question.

1. Briefly review the facts on the battle between Amazon and Barnes & Noble reported in the articles.
2. Was Amazon wise to get into publishing in addition to its very strong position in retailing new and used books? Explain your answer.
3. If you were a popular author of children's fiction (with a successful past relationship with a traditional publisher) and your agent (another member of the book publishing channel) asked you whether to approach Amazon regarding the publication of your latest project, what would you say? Why?
4. Would it matter if you were working on your first book and had no previous relationship with an editor or publisher? If yes, why would this make a difference?
5. Considering traditional and contemporary distribution channels, and with the continuing decline of its e-book sales, how would you recommend Barnes & Noble compete with Amazon in the future? Do you think acquisition is a feasible solution for Barnes & Noble? Why?

P.S. Please provide appropriate references for statements and/or quotations next to the statements and/or quotations itself, apart from the references that you would provide at the end of your response as well. If you're just going to respond with outside references only, then please DO NOT respond. Also, please DONOT provide references which I cannot access (especially from sites which need membership to view the referenced page).

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