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Strategic Planning and Management - Amazon

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How and where can you find a copy of Amazons' Trends and Events, a graph of all the trends, a Industry Position Map and a priority matrix?

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Please note: Everything you need to know about Amazon can be found on their webpage, especially contact information if you require more information. Also, the following resources are not necessarily in APA format.

Below is a list of resources in regard to the contents of your post:

Amazon Trends and Events

You can obtain a general idea of Amazon's trends and events by visiting Amazon.com, scroll to the end of the screen until you see "Investor Relations, then click on "Press Releases." This page provides a list of their events, product launches, and trends. This page provides the most current information and it appears that the information is updated quite frequently. Under the press release tab you can also find a historical timeline of product launches, prices, and strategic integration of the product, for example, this year Amazon launched the new Kindle with a new tech support feature called "Mayday." Hopefully this will assist you as you continue to conduct research for your project.

• This article discusses four trends of Amazon otherwise known as the 3C's such as; competition, cognition, comprehensive ...

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