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A strategic planning initiative for amazon.com and identify an initiative discussed in the organization's annual report.

You can find them all at:
However, I also attached the 2009 Annual report

Format on a WORD doc. and consistent with APA guidelines. Site references in text, and provide a reference page.

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A strategic planning initiative for amazon.com and identify an initiative discussed in the organization's annual report.

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One of the strategic planning initiative for Amazon.com is acquisition of companies in related businesses to expand its product portfolio. In 2009, as discussed in the annual report, Amazon acquired Zappos.com to expand its product offering in categories like shoes and apparel.

Amazon's strategy to expand via related acquisitions allows the company to expand its footprint in the online retailing market by entering into newer product categories or expanding its existing product offerings for different categories. Zappos.com's acquisitions allowed Amazon to significantly enhance its shoe products portfolio and take advantage of Zappos existing customer base.

In the annual report, it was also highlighted by management that Amazon made significant additions to shoe and apparel offerings in terms of new product lines and thus, this strategic initiative perfectly supports such plans of the company. Amazon is no longer a company that ...

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