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Amazon.com: SEC info

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Using the current "amazon.com" Annual Report and SEC filings for the past two years, please analyze the following in 400 words :

Assess the role of ethics and compliance in "amazon.com" financial environment.

Describe the procedures that amazon.com has put in place to ensure ethical behavior.

Identify the processes amazon.com uses to comply with SEC regulations.

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//In this paper, we attempt to analyze the role of ethics and compliance in the organization related to financial environment of Amazon.com. We also provide content of the procedure that Amazon.com uses to comply with SEC regulations.//

Amazon.com follows the code of conduct and ethics in the financial environment of the company. The ethics related to understanding of the financial statements and assessing & implementing policies to reduce the risks are followed by the organization. The employees of the company act ethically, lawfully and in the interest of the company. The employees, who accept whether their code of conduct or their co-workers complies with the code of conduct of the company, can directly contact to the administrator or legal Departments.

The employees of the company can also report suspected non-compliance as given in the ...

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