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Technology & Organizational Change

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How does technology change and affect businesses and organizations?

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Technology changing Business: Organizational Change

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While the publishing, particularly the writing industry had always made use of technology to evolve & develop, it is usually in the production and the marketing/sales stages where it matters most. The advent of the printing press in the 16th century allowed for mass production of reading materials that evolved into daily, weekly, monthly & yearly enterprises in the form of newspapers, magazines, journals, tabloids, books & other printed materials including calendars & cards. A book or a magazine draws interest when the purported storyline is good or when the stories & presentation catches the eye and the imagination and there was a time before digital when the actual design was done manually using cut-outs for lay-outs instead of Adobe Publisher. When an author is established books are easily sold. Establishing an author is the work of a publishing company's marketing team. In the case of fiction writer Matthew Reilly, he promoted & self-published first and when his work clicked, book publishers offered him lucrative contracts. In the publishing world, you must have a name to merit marketability but viciously, you cannot create a name for yourself since when publishing companies won't give you a chance for being a relative unknown. Occasionally publishers & editors find a gem or two in their submission tray & launch a potential writer's career but competition is tough and ...

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The solution discusses significant organizational changes brought about by technology in a selected business. In addition, it discusses the considerations that managers deal with in the planning stages of the organizational change process.

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