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Organizational change for smart pump IV technology

Based on the scenario of introducing smart pump IV technology answer the following questions?

1. Describe possible organizational and individual barriers to change.
2. Identify possible factors that may influence the change.

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Individual barriers are those which individual employees may face - individual concerns and challenges regarding adapting change. Some people are just less likely to accept change than others for various reasons, while others tend to adopt and adapt much quicker. In some cases, having accustomed to an older IV pump, the familiarity of the old pump grants confidence in their work. This makes them less likely to try out the new equipment in fear of making a mistake or feeling incompetent, especially with something so simple.

Consider also that individuals all have their own learning curves - especially those who are, realistically, not used to having to learn new techniques on a daily basis, learning a new skill can prove difficult and frustrating. This could be because of various reasons - lack of practice with ...

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The solution discusses the organizational change for Smart Pump IV Technology.