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    Issue Management, Organic Adaptation and Resistance to Change

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    Discuss these questions:

    1. Issue Management with example

    2. Organic Adaptation with example

    3. Resistance to Change with example

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    1. Issue Management w/ example
    Issue management is a process that guides and plans for organizational risk and uncertainty by making sure monitoring and information processing capacity of the organization is up to par. In the life-cycle of a project, the issue management process usually takes the form of:

    I. Issue identification
    II. Issue Analysis
    III. Issue Evaluation
    IV. Action Implementation
    V. Monitoring & Review

    Issues and risks are not necessarily the same, although some risk may become issues if not properly managed. Risk are potential occurrences in which their may be planned contingencies in place to address. Issues are unplanned occurrences that may occur in the course of project execution which need to be addressed and handled. So in essence a risk is an eventuality that might occur while an issue is one that has already occurred and needs to be managed.
    An example of an issue would a software project loosing its lead developer half way through the coding phase of the project. This ...

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    Issue management, organic adaptation and resistance to change are discussed. Organic adaptation with examples are provided.