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    Resistance to change

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    Your director is thinking about proposing a new process for sales that represents a fairly large shift in the way things are currently done. The director would like to meet with you to discuss any possible resistance to the change that may originate from your organization's culture and structure. Prepare a general discussion document you will use to inform your director of the types of resistance to change that can come from different structures and cultures. Select one type of resistance to change that can come from organizational structure or culture and offer some suggestions on how to decrease the resistance.

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    Different types of resistance can come from different structures and culture. A highly mechanistic structure and bureaucratic culture make employees used to receiving formal command and control and thus, prevent them from becoming self reliant, innovative and thereby, create problems during change management programs as such employees are least flexible and least ready to change to a different work style.

    Another type of resistance that persists among employees, especially managers and supervisors, that they will lose their control over ...

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    Resistance to change