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    Resistance at all levels

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    Write a reflective paper that discusses resistance at three levels:
    -Systems or organizational in general

    Analyze the various dynamics that account for an apparent inability or unwillingness to learn? How do you identify resistance? How do you overcome resistance as a leader? In analyzing the three levels above, based on your research what methods would you apply to overcome resistance? Be sure to include thoughtful remedies that could be put in place to overcome barriers and resistance.

    Cite three or more references (journal articles). Adhere to APA 6th edition standards.

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    Resistance can come in many forms. Normally, resistance is a result of change. Change is often unwelcome for anyone unless it is making a job easier to do or allows more creativity. In this paper, I will be discussing how the individual resistance is handled, how resistance occurs in the department and teams, and how organizational resistance can start with an individual or team and become viral. This paper will cover why people do not want to change, how some people cannot change, and what co-workers, friends, and leaders can do to assist in change and overcome resistance.

    What is resistance? My understanding through research and experience is that it is the unwillingness to want to do something differently. Employees get into ruts where they are doing a job over and over to the point of not even thinking of what they are doing. Most people like the comfort zone of being able to complete a job without interference from co-workers or bosses. A lower stress level which is a big part of resistance.

    You need to title this maybe Individual Resistance?
    The individual employee may show signs of resistance when a job is being phased out and new computer systems are put in place to do the majority of their work. One company I know changed over from a manual accounting system to a computerized one. The company was going to benefit from the change by being able to get their reports by pressing a button instead of waiting for the accountant to prepare all the documents. This ...

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    The expert examines resistance at all levels. The various dynamics that account for an apparent inability or unwillingness to learn are analyzed.