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Organizational Change

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Literature Review: Organizational Change

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Literature Review: Organizational Change
Overcoming Resistance to Change and Inertia

To implement organizational change successfully, it is essential to overcome resistance to change. This resistance has several origins like external pressures, too much stress, or simply poor motivation. The manager or the change agent that needs to overcome resistance must understand that the change is the right thing to do. This must correspond with the vision of the person. If the person who wants to bring about the change then the first resistance to change has been overcome; the next step is to list the reason why change is good and is required. From this perspective it is essential to prepare a list of reasons why the change is required and then these points must be conveyed to all the persons that are affected by the change. Further, the scenario as to what would happen if the change was not carried out were communicated to the persons resisting the change. If the scenario is properly constructed and the persons that resist change come to know exactly why the change is required. One of the most important methods of overcoming resistance to change is to collect information about the benefits of the change and the drawbacks that would hurt the organization if the change did not take place. If this information is provided to the people resisting it is bound to overcome resistance (Raelin. J, 2008)

Resistance to change in an organization is normal and natural but the challenge to the leader is to overcome this resistance.

Some of the techniques used for overcoming resistance include coercion. This is not a very favored approach but is inevitable when change has to be affected very fast. Another method that experienced leaders use is ...

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