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    Overcoming Resistance to Organizational Change

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    Describe the essential tools/elements you would use to combat resistance organization change which they are in the book of 'Implementing Organizational change: Theory and Practice'.

    Discuss the elements that you feel are essential in most situations and why.

    Please include references

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    There are several elements required for overcoming resistance organization change. The first element is to use change agents. These are important employees who sit on the fence with change. The main reason for getting them is that they are in a better position to influence other organizational members who are resisting change. For example, there is an account executive that is not sure what his position will be after organizational restructuring. He should be explained exactly what his position will be after the change (1). Once he is convinced, he must be asked to explain the change to other members of the organization.

    The second element to overcome resistance to organization change is to have buy-ins. Some selected people should be explained how the change will benefit not only the company but them individually. Once there is "buy-ins" the change process becomes relatively easy. For example, in the production department it is very important that the production manager is fully convinced of the importance of the change to the company. He should also believe that the change will bring benefits to him personally. Once he is convinced, it is an important step in overcoming resistance in the production department.

    The third element that required for overcoming resistance to organization change is to be transparent. Specifically it means explaining, showing, and illustrating exactly what the change is. The nature of the change, its implications, and full details should be available to the employees from the very inception (2). Transparency has the potential of reducing threats. For example, the employees may suspect that restructuring will lead to large layoffs. if the HR ...

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