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    foundations of organzational change

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    Write a paper of 1,250-1,500 words that explores the theoretical foundations of organizational change. Include the following in your paper:

    A discussion that assesses the factors that contribute to the organic evolution of change.
    A discussion of how to formulate strategic development approaches and to identify models and interventions of change leadership.
    A discussion and evaluation of the leadership and management skills necessary to implement a model of continuous change that facilitates organizational adaptation and ensures follower commitment.
    A discussion of how to gather and analyze data to determine the most efficacious timing of change.

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    A discussion that assesses the factors that contribute to the organic evolution of change.

    There are many factors to contribute to the organic evolution of change within organizations as organizations are predicated upon internal and external forces that result in coevolution as a result of the industry the organization operates in, external and internal environments that dictate deliberate actions, regulatory mechanisms, political systems within the country that the organization operates in, expertise and talent within the organization, and the governance structure that governs behavior within the organization. Technological advances, new competitors who enter into the market, globalization, management logistics, and relationships with employees all are factors that contribute to the organic evolution of change within organizations.

    When new competitors enter a market with innovative approaches, this can require existing companies to evolve as failing to do so could result in the company becoming obsolete. Therefore, organizations must consistently be aware of any social forces, market forces, or industry variables that occur to remain ahead of competitors and ready for the implementation of sweeping change that must occur on a continuous basis in a continuously changing global world. One of the biggest drivers of organizational change that has occurred over the last 3 decades is the increasingly technological advances that have required new and innovative approaches by organizations in every industry across the world. The use of technology to advance a company's position must be carefully constructed to ensure that the correct strategy is utilized to allow all employees to become committed to the organizational change as employee commitment is mandatory for effective change.

    Costs, shifts in productivity or demand for products, and corporate social responsibility policies that are now the emerging global trend all have an impact on organizational change throughout organizations as these factors require organizations to become learning organizations that consistently improve their position within the marketplace. These changes must be systematic and predicated upon effective strategic approaches that can elicit the necessary commitment from all stakeholders throughout the change process.


    A discussion of how to ...

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