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    Dialogue and Resistance to Change

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    Define the concepts/skill of dialogue. Identify its importance to change leadership and achieving shared understanding.

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    Dialogue: Skills required and importance to change leadership and shared understanding

    What is a dialogue?
    An online source noted that dialogue is an exchange of ideas and opinions on a particular issue, with the objective of reaching an amicable agreement or settlement. Basically, it is intended to resolve disagreements (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/dialogue). The process involves interacting with an end result of arriving at a shared meaning or understanding about a particular issue.
    Importance of dialogue to change leadership
    Another online source noted that change ...

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    Dialogue is a process by which interacting opinions and ideas about a particular issue are discussed with the aim of arriving at a shared understanding and a consensus of possible solutions. The end result is that disagreements are settled. As such, it is an effective strategy of managing resistance to change.