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Skill of dialogue and leadership

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Please help with the following problem.

Define the concept and skills of dialogue. Identify the importance of these to change leadership and how to achieve shared understanding. Please provide references along with the solution.

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The following posting helps define the concepts and skills of dialogue. Issues discussed in the solution include change leadership and shared understanding. References are included in the solution.

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Problem: Define the concepts/skill of dialogue. Identify its importance to change leadership and achieving shared understanding


Dialogue is "the process of exploring complex issues and is expansive in nature" (Jacobs, 2010, p. 1). The goal of dialogue is to uncover potential ideas, insights and new learning opportunities but is it not necessary to find a conclusion or specific solution to a problem. There are three rules to achieving successful dialogue: (Jacobs, 2010)

- All participants must suspend their assumptions - This doesn't mean someone needs ...

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