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    Daniel Yankelovich on dialogue and debate: 3 critical skills

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    Dialogue is a skill used for business conversations including negotiations, planning, conflict management, and establishing shared understanding of important information. There are a number of specific skills that are used to establish an effective dialogue between and among individuals. Find additional articles by Daniel Yankelovich on dialogue and articles contrasting dialogue and debate in the ProQuest library. Based on your findings, list and explain three skills that you think are fundamentally important. How can you ensure that you personally develop those skills?

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    The three key skills that are fundamentally important to successful dialogue are:

    1 -Focus on common interests, not the divisive ones.

    By focusing on common interests and avoiding divisive ones, individuals can openly discuss important topics and share needed information without shutting down the conversation due to getting angry over divisive disagreements (Denny, 1999).

    2 -Keep dialogue and decision-making separate and ...

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    To ensure that these skills are mastered will require time and dedication to practicing each one until it is successfully understood and becomes second nature. Being aware of one's shortcomings and aggressively pursuing training and techniques to get better is always helpful. Practicing these techniques in conversation with peers or strangers can also help to improve your dialogue skill set (Yankelovich, 1995).