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Intercultural Management: Skill of ishin-denshin; religion in Chinese culture

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1. Examine the concept of ishin-denshin, and explain how you would go about developing this skill.

2. Describe the importance of Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism in the Chinese culture, and analyze how these philosophies influence business.

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Ishin-Denshin Concept

The concept of ishin-denshin is based on the tactic understanding or telepathy in Japan. This concept refers to the traditional philosophy and ethics of Japanese that create strong and harmonious relationship between people. The principle of ishin-denshin helps the Japanese employees in never saying or doing anything that would upset a personal or business relationship. In this concept, Japanese people use the telepathic communication in order to develop some intimate relationship or bond without using words or signs (Mente, 2006).

Development of Skills

In order to develop ishin-denshin skills, first, knowledge about local culture, concept and values of the country would be developed through internet, database etc. It will be helpful in ensuring effective communication with local people. Regular training and practices to develop the skills of ishin-denshin would be also used to develop the non verbal communication in the organization ...

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The skills of ishin-denshin and religion in Chinese culture for intercultural management are examined.