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    Physical Education

    Physical education is an educational course taken during primary and secondary education that encourages learning through movement or athletics to ultimately promote health.¹

    Physical education trends have developed to incorporate more than just typical sports. Bowling, rock climbing, hiking, and Frisbee have been introduced in an effort to implement activity habits at an early age.¹ Teaching unconventional sports and activities can also motivate students who dislike traditional sports and also introduce students to different cultural practices.¹

    Health and nutrition have slowly been integrated into physical education.¹ In addition to teaching student about sports and activity, teachers are also incorporating lessons on healthy eating and sexual health into the curriculum. Lessons on health also include information relating to bullying, self-esteem, and stress and anger management.¹

    In Brazil, physical education curriculum is designed to allow students to gain exposure with the use of pedometers, GPS, and heart rate monitors. Pedometers have begun to take hold in schools in the United States as an effort to reduce childhood obesity.¹

    There are a few considerations that should be taken to ensure that physical education classes run smoothly¹: physical activity in an educational setting includes regular instruction in PE, co-curricular activities, and recess; physical education classes should be offered with moderate to vigorous physical activity being an integral part of the class; and co-curricular activities include physical activity integrated into areas of school programs – classroom, gymnasium, and outdoor activity spaces.¹




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