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Programming Language Theory

Programming language theory is the part of computer science dealing with the analysis, design and implementation of computer programming languages. It does this by taking their individual features and how they compare to each other to create different classes of languages. It is a discipline of computer science, but relies heavily on mathematics and linguistics theory as well. The field has also made heavy contribution to these topics in return as well.

Programming language theory was started by Alonzo Church when he invited Lambda Calculus, which is considered the precursor to true programming languages.

Alonzo Church teaching at Princeton [Photo credit: Princeton University, Institution of Mathematics ]

Although Lambda Calculus is not a true programming language, it did model computation. When FORTRAN was developed, it became the first programming language to be described fully by the theory. Nowadays, programming language theory categorizes languages based off many factors into different paradigms such as

  • Object Oriented Programming,
  • Imperative Programming,
  • Functional Programming, and many others.

Basic Programming: Design a Class Named Pet

Design a class named Pet, which should have the following fields: - Name - The name field holds the name of a pet. - Type - The type field holds the type of animal that is the pet. Example values are "Dog", "Cat", and "Bird". - Age - The age field holds the pet's age. The Pet class should also have the following methods:

design, oracle, function, NP-hard

Design an oracle for this function: void compute_maximum_clique( �); Input: a graph G(V,E), that is, V is a set of nodes and E is a set of edges connecting nodes in G. Output: a sub-graph G'(V',E') of G such that for any two nodes u,v in V', there is an edge e=(u,v) in E'. In addition, G' should be the maximum in term

How to write Hexadecimal numbers?

What is the best way to write the value '7564' and make it clear to the reader that the number should be interpreted as a hexadecimal value?

Programming Problem (Selection)

An airline vice president in charge of operations needs to determine whether the current estimates of flight times are accurate. because there is a larger possiblity of variations due to wether and air traffic in the longer flights, he allows a larger error in the time estimates for them. He compares an actual flight time with

Programming Problem (Selection)

Given: To locate the nearest numbered cross street for a given avenue address, the following algorithm can be used: cancel the last diget of the address, divide by 2, and add or subtract the number given in the following abbreviated table: 1st Ave. add 3 2nd Ave.