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    Software Architecture Styles: SOAP and REST

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    I need help comparing and contrasting two different architectural styles.

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    I need to type a paper comparing and contrasting two different
    architectural styles. Some examples include SOAP, client/server, ntier,
    and event-driven. It needs to be roughly 1050 words.
    What is Software Architecture?
    Software architecture is defined as "the overall structure of the software and the ways in which that structure provides formal integrity for an application system." Simply, architecture is the hierarchical structure of program elements (modules), the manner in which these elements interact and the structure of data that are used by the software elements. In a broader sense, however, components can be generalized to represent major system elements and their interactions [1].

    Here we consider key differences between traditional Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational state transfer (REST) styles.

    SOAP Architecture
    This involves communication a specific application service. All messages and requests ...

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    The solution is presented as a paper comparing and contrasting two different architectural styles. The examples include SOAP and REST.