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IT Architecture and Infrastructure

1. Think about a company you know well. What would be an example of IT architecture at that company? What about IT infrastructure?
2. What is the difference between a decentralized architecture and a centralized architecture?
3. How might you apply what you learned to your current or previous place of employment?

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The company I work for has an IT architecture policy and scope that defines the rules and standards for the company's information architecture. It applies to not only the IT personnel but also to the rest of us, as their customers. Then, there are guiding principles that have been laid out for the IT architecture, to make sure that it is aligned with the business strategy, that it is an effective roadmap for the solutions we need in serving the customer better at ...

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This solution gives an example of IT architecture and infrastructure at a company. It describes the difference between centralized and decentralized architecture, and how to apply what is learned in class to place of employment.