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Hospital Operation: Acute Care Hospital

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Hospital Operation

You have been fortunate in your career and have moved up rather quickly to a position of authority in your community as the CEO of a 300 bed hospital. You have dedicated yourself to the vision of a community hospital and what it should be. You corporate sponsors have given you everything you have asked for and more. Now you sit in a facility that includes the certified acute care side, a certified rehabilitation facility, a Psychiatric facility, a Skilled Nursing Facility and a rather robust outpatient program. (Your outpatient business is now almost 50% of your total revenue) As this has been your vision you have been asked to present your journey to this point at the ACHE Congress in Chicago next year.
You do not panic but are cool under pressure. Please describe the ideal acute care hospital with its departments and services. Then move on to the Rehab unit and its certifications and payment systems.

Next you will need to describe the Psychiatric unit and its certifications. Move on to the SNF and its state oversight. Describe your outpatient services and any other issue that you feel is important to your vision of a true community hospital. You may use any source to assist you, just be sure you cite correctly.

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Hospital operations for an acute care hospital is determined.

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The ideal acute care hospital is moving toward a tertiary facility. The medical-surgical units of a decade ago are more skilled nursing or patients are able to be outpatients or 23-hour observation. As an astute CEO, you realize this is better for your finances and payment options through insurance and Medicare which is about 50% of your reimbursements. You have established your 300 bed hospital with a state of the art Emergency Department that is able to give advanced care and transport either by ground or air to any facility since you are not able to perform transplantations or open heart surgery. Otherwise, you cardiac and medical intensive care are well-established for their quality care. The Rehabilitation Department is ...

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