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Health Care Industry Regulations

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What would happen if the health care industry were regulated like Wall Street?

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The expert determines what would happen if the health care industry were regulated like Wall Street is determined.

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Contrary to what some might believe, there are rules and regulations which govern the activity of Wall Street. It is merely corruption - in particular, Progressive Elitists that have purchased political power, which has allowed for exceptions for themselves to disregard these rules. History has shown that too much regulation and interference by the government on Wall Street has led to slow financial recovery (i.e. the years following the Great Depression) and it was only after the regulations had been lessened that noticeable financial improvements took place. If health care in the U.S. was to be as regulated as Wall Street, it would lead to more corruption, inefficiency, and rising costs in the administration of health care. Moreover, the regulation itself fails to incorporate any elements that would serve as a ...

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