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    Health Care: Government Regulation

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    Below I need help explaining the issue and the Theory I selected

    The Issue is:

    Your view of the government's role in health care

    I chose Theory X below:

    Government regulations are necessary to protect this unique commodity, to control profiteering at the cost of patient care, to control the resources spent on health care, and to improve information sharing.

    For example, if you think that government regulations are necessary, present one and explain its relevance and its importance to patient health. What economic evaluation method might you use to make a decision about the economic efficacy of this regulation?
    Substantiate your response with information from one or more peer-reviewed sources

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    Government regulations are necessary because it protects and nurtures health care services. It prevents service providers from charging to much and exploiting patients. Government regulations help moderate the financial resources spend on health care. Further, government can compel health care providers to share information.
    Government regulations are necessary because health care is one of the most essential necessities in today's life. People would die if proper and adequate health care was not available to them. Government regulations ensure that the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system is maintained. Further, government regulations ...

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    This solution explains the role of government regulation in health care from the perspective of patients. The sources used are also included in the solution.