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Health Care Industry Analysis

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Should there be regulation of executive compensation in the health insurance industry. Should there be any limitations on executive compensation in the health insurance industry?

I have attached the references to refer to and use below.

Bierema, L. (2003, Spring). Systems thinking: A new lens for old problems. Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, Supplement 1, 23 (2).

Kreth, M. (2000, September). Exploring "responsibility" in advertising: Health claims about dietary supplements. Business Communication Quarterly.

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Executive compensation in the health insurance industry continues to be under scrutiny and criticism. In regards to the regulation of executive compensation, it serves to start by acknowledging that it is tied to the system as a whole. Defining the meaning of a system gives that systems consist of two or more parts, each affecting each other over time as they attempt to fulfill a common purpose. The health insurance industry is one that is known to make a lot of money from the premiums that its shareholders contribute. In essence, running or managing a health insurance company is not an easy feat, with executive compensation tied equivalently to the performance of such companies. Each part of a system is said to combines in the effort to provide unique functions.

All organizations need to be viewed as systems of inter connectivity, with each part having elements of critical reflection, dialogue and questioning. It is evident that the questioning behind executive compensation lies in the notion that the compensations are linked to the rising premiums and subsequent costs of care. Regulation of executive compensation is seen to have a direct ...

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The solution provides an analysis of the health care industry.

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