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    Government Policies

    Government policy refers to the actions that governments take to resolving economic issues and regulating the economy. Polices can be made to affect everyone in the economy or a specified group of individuals. Government policy is demonstrated by macroeconomic stabilization policies such as trade policy, monetary policies, taxation policies, and interest rate policies. These types of policies are put in place by the government to achieve economic goals. An example of how governments use policies to achieve their objectives is by implementing interest rates to reduce inflation.

    Governments implement different types of policies to target the different functions and areas within an economy. Policies are designed to deal with the distribution of income and property, promote economic growth, the value of currency, and other aspects within an economy.

    The two main types of government policy are fiscal policy and monetary policy. Fiscal policy is the change of level of taxation or government spending in order to impact the demand for goods and services. Monetary policy refers to the various actions the central bank can do to affect the interest rates and money supply in order to affect aggregate demand. 

    Government policies can have negative consequences as well, for different aspects of the economy. For example, raising interest rates or taxes to control inflation can result in reduced employment rates and hinder economic growth in incomes and output. 

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    Explain how governments' supply-side policy can influence the economy and list the main types of supply-side policy. Explain each type.

    The Success or Failure of the TARP program in the U.S.

    The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) program was a capital budget project for Federal Government. So far the government has gotten a large portion of the money back. Do you think it was the right decision to enact the TARP program?

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    Identify two strategies based on fiscal and monetary policy that would encourage people to spend money in order to create economic growth. How could these strategies affect unemployment, inflation, and interest rates?

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    Read the case study, The Life and Death of the National Leprosarium of Public Policy. Identify some of the public policy problems presented within this case study. Consider the various policies implemented, and the various policies terminated. Discuss and evaluate the public policy terminations presented by this case study. Were

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    A 2-3 pages essay, double spaced, 3-5 references (current) written in colloquial, United States English addressing the effects Obamacare will have on the doctors and hospitals in the US from a financial standpoint.

    Framing Policy Problems

    Does the method of framing governance or policy problems affect the formulation and implementation of policy? If so, how?

    Restore Participating and Self-Support to Free Enterprise

    How to Restore Participating and Self-Support to Free Enterprise (Harvard University Press, 197), economist Edmund Phelps offers this plan to help the working poor: apply tax credits for "qualified employers" or hire disadvantaged people for "eligible jobs." Evaluate this plan in terms of market incentives, one of the ten princi

    Federal government targeting money stock

    1. (a) Suppose the Fed has already decided that it wants to target the money stock. (1) Will the Fed come closer to its target by setting the interest rate at a given level, or will it do better by fixing the money supply through open market operations? In your analysis, think in terms of the Fed's horizon from one Open

    Fiscal Policy

    1. As your organization's lobbyist, what would you like to see done by the Federal government that would be of help to your organization? This could be what the government could do or what they could stop doing. It can be all fiscal, all monetary, or a mix of each type of policy. As a lobbyist it is not your job to be concer

    Macro-Economic Factors Affecting Firms

    In today's current business climate, how do changes in the macro environment affect individual firms and industries through the micro-economic factors of demand, production, cost, and profitability?

    Fiscal and monetary policy

    1. Explicitly define both fiscal and monetary policy. 2. The following are five current or historical government actions dealing with macro-economic policy. For each scenario determine if it represents fiscal policy or monetary policy, and explain your answer. a. President Obama has proposed a budget for the next year