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Health Law and Regulations

1) Explain the role of governmental regulatory agencies and its effect on the health care industry.

2) Provide at least two examples of laws and regulations currently faced by the health care industry. Examples of such laws may include access to care, discrimination, health care privacy and security, employment, and so on.

3) Include your analysis of the effect of these laws on the provider, hospital or clinic, or insurer that you select.

4) Provide examples and specific cases in your examination. Include ways that you have seen this effect in your own life or community.

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Governmental regulatory agencies can have a positive effect on the outcomes of health care for
patients and the larger community. "Even those who are especially suspicious of heavy-handed
government bureaucracy see a public interest in some form of external supervision of this field" (Field,
2008, p. 607). Meeting standards in quality of care and in control if infectious disease are some ways
government agencies attempt to improve the health of Americans. The CDC focuses on control of
infectious diseases and epidemics. The Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act
(HIPAA) focuses on sharing health information among providers, while protecting patient health and
personal information. The Affordable Care Act (HR 3590, nd), one of the most recent acts of legislation
related to health care, attempts to ensure all Americans have access to health care through the
requirement of some form of health insurance that does not discriminate.
Just as there are benefits to consumers as patients, there are benefits to healthcare workers as
well. OSHA oversees the regulation of safety measures in the workplace to reduce injuries and ...

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